Driving a truck was a dream of all my mates! I made the dream come true. It was just a five-day trip from Denver to Los Angeles but it enabled me to feel like a real truck driver in the US to drive the real Kenworth trailer through the Rocky Mountains.
   Before that I transported horses among horse-polo race courses in England. Yet another style of driving was required from moving truck-loads of waste rock around pit heaps near Karvina mines. Also handling fire-fighterswater tender, getting through the city traffic when the emergency light rather complicates going through as well as the unpleasant reflection of blue light on wet asphalt is an experience. No wonder I rather enjoyed the freedom of planning journeys and delivering new communal garbage collector trucks through the whole Europe. What I most enjoyed on this hired freelance driver´s job was getting back home – by hitchhiking, coach, train, ferry or low cost flight from London. Also the money budgeting was fun – the final pay had been set ahead so the budgeting was like a game for adults – it depended on your arrangements how much of your money would be left at the end of the trip. Well, each good job once ends….
   To show some vanity (so natural to each man), I have been lucky enough recently to enjoy several drives with the European modular system - a towing vehicle, a semi-trailerand one or two axles tandem trailer behind – a bit over 25 metres of length, similar to Australian road train.
I also like to remember the very beginnings in a driving school learning to handle IFA truck and later delivering food containers during hop-picking summer jobs. A MASTER DRIVER...
   I know few real master drivers who are able to drive whatever and wherever. I experienced days when I could not back the truck anywhere, however, I always delivered the load as agreed. I have no experience with operatedaxle. Well, actually yes – after few minutes of trying I gave up, connected the trailer to the frontal hitch and somehow parked in the barn. I am not reckless though and I always take care of those truck as if they were my own. I don´t speak as a native but I can always make my meaning clear. Most of all, my age and the above mentioned experience make me acceptthe truth of a Czech saying: Nemám moře po kolena or “The sea is always above my knees”.