Bus, coach with bike or boating trailer. Standard European roads or unique serpentines of Corsica with remnants of burned Rally Corse wrecks. Driving on the left on British Isles or never ending road movie highways connecting US national parks. I had a chance to drive all over there.
   Sightseeing or package tours by the sea, daily shuttle bus to a skiing slope or just taking kids to a pool or a trip. Unlike a regular truck driver you also have to master diplomatic skills when dealing with people.  As a bonus, if you are communicative, you get to know a great deal of human stories ranging from funny kids tales to philosophical thoughts told by the guides of expeditions. In all cases you can find a coded message, experience and often a moral in them … it is enough to listen and think a bit.
   Journeys to the final destinations are not always romantic and non-problematic. All of us are sometimes moody and it’s difficult to please everyone. We all have various hygienic habits, moral norms… but that would be an another story… I would use a statement by Kant to describe it: “Stars above and moral law in me!”.